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Call 01262 673346


Kerosene is used in many household boilers, warm air heaters & oil fired cookers.

Please be aware that oil-fired appliances, machines and vehicles can have different fuel requirements and you should therefore ensure that Kerosene is the correct product that you require before placing an order.

If you need help establishing if Kerosene is the right fuel for your intended use, please consult the manufacturer of your appliance, machine or vehicle. 

Please note that use of our Kerosene as a road fuel is strictly prohibited.

Basic product safety information for domestic/household users of Kerosene can be found on the reverse of our delivery tickets. Customers can  download the Safety Data Sheet for Kerosene as a pdf . (In order to view PDF documents you will need to have suitable software installed - free software is available. Alternatively contact us if you require a paper copy of any documents sending out to you).