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Call 01262 673346

Call 01262 673346

Fuel Additives

We supply fuel additives such as Topanol and bio-diesel additives.

Please contact us by telephone on 01262 673346 if you would like to discuss your requirements, obtain a price or place an order.

Please note that Safety Data Sheet updates for lubricants, greases, anti-freeze and fuel additives are not usually available via our website nor can they be sent out automatically so if ever you have a requirement for a Safety Data Sheet for any lubricant, grease, anti-freeze, additive or other such product that we have supplied to you we ask that you please telephone our office on 01262 673346, email us via the Contact page or contact the manufacturer of the product directly (the product label should provide details to enable this).

Click here to download the Safety Data Sheet for Topanol as a pdf.

(In order to view PDF documents you will need to have suitable software installed - free software is available. Alternatively contact us if you require a paper copy of any documents sending out to you).