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Call 01262 673346

Small Tankers

Our modern tanker fleet is made up mainly of two axle vehicles (we only run one 4 axle tanker - everything else is 2 axle) so most of our delivery wagons are relatively compact when compared to many other road tankers. If you think the largest tanker won't be able to do your delivery please mention that when ordering.

We operate a DAF small tanker which can access pretty much anywhere that a 'baby tanker' can go (weight limits permitting) but as it carries slightly more fuel than a 7.5 tonner it should alllow us better flexibility and therefore the ability to deliver to more customers on each run.

We also operate a number of other quite small tankers (which are in between the size of a 7.5 tonne baby tanker and a regular two axle tanker) for deliveries that don't need the very smallest, but still need a smaller than average sized tanker .

If you want to discuss your individual requirements please feel free to telephone our office on 01262 673346 or send a message via the Contact page and we can try to ascertain which tanker size might be the most suitable. 

If you are ordering a delivery and you require our smaller tankers please remember to select that option when placing your order (and please also be aware that there may be an increase in delivery lead time and/or cost where a small tanker is required).

It is vitally important that you tell us if you need a smaller-than-standard tanker as we may not be able to complete the delivery on the day we've said if a standard tanker cannot gain safe access.