Service update

Due to excessive demand for oil deliveries we are temporarily disabling the ecommerce facility on our website.

This doesn’t mean we’re not delivering anymore - it just means you will need to order by telephone (01262 673346) so we can discuss your requirements and hopefully provide the best solution.

You will not be able to access your account during this downtime however we can also deal with account queries by telephone. Apologies for this inconvenience but please know we are doing our best to serve you during this difficult period.

Emergency Deliveries

What to do if you need a delivery urgently

We fully appreciate that people run out of fuel at times. 

Run-outs can happen because a less reliable company has let you down with a delivery, because someone forgot to place the order, because you've moved into a new house and the tank's been left empty or because it's harvest time and you've been working flat-out and using more fuel than you expected... Sometimes it's even due to fuel theft. Whatever the reason, we take great pride in the number of people we help out of this situation all year round.

We can't promise that we can get to every emergency immediately but we certainly do our best to help. We frequently leave spare capacity in our delivery schedules and always have flexbility in our routing, both of which allow us more opportunity to respond to emergencies/run-outs on the same day where possible. Similarly, the fact that we have two well-located depots means that we can sometimes back-load a wagon to get to an emergency on the way back home, even though the tanker's outgoing load was fully allocated to other orders. 

We've always run our company on a personal basis and we have come to know many of our customers very well. That's why we like to solve people's problems when they arise - it's like helping a friend. It's rewarding and it makes us proud if we've provided a service that nobody else could. 

So if you've got an emergency requirement for fuel or you think you might be heading towards one, give us a call on 01262 673346 and we'll do what we can to help.

Did you know?
Sometimes a boiler may need an engineer to restart it after a run-out. Once again, we can help. Just call our parent company Hall Bros (Bridlington) Limited on 01262 605500 and they'll be able to arrange an emergency call-out with one of their OFTEC registered heating engineers.