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Call 01262 673346

Payment Methods

We offer various ways of paying for your order

Website orders:
Pre-payment by debit card.

New domestic customers (ordering by telephone): 
New domestic customers are required to pre-pay by debit card or bank transfer or pay the driver by cash on delivery. We do not accept cheques from new customers.

Existing domestic customers (ordering by telephone):
As above but some longstanding domestic customers may have an invoiced account in place from when we did open this type of domestic account. As long as payment is made consistently by the due date we are happy to let these accounts continue as we feel it would be unfair to revoke them. However we now have a policy of new domestic customers being on a pre-pay or pay-on-delivery basis.

Buying groups:
Buying group orders must be prepaid by debit card before dispatch or paid by cash to the driver. We cannot accept cheques or credit cards on Buying Group orders.

Business customers:
Your first order will usually need to be prepaid, but we are often able to offer invoiced accounts for new and existing commercial customers (subject to successful account application). If you would like to apply for an invoiced account for a business you can read more information here.